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Cheap Automatic Speech Transcription

Industry Price: $1.50/hr
Deepgram Price: $0.75/hr

We'll match anybody's price. We don't care. We'll do it.

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We've tested with millions of minutes. It works, yo.

Why you should use us now

You are losing money every time you transcribe without Deepgram.

  • phone calls
  • YouTube videos
  • podcasts
  • meetings
  • anything with audio


Our transcription goes head to head with any machine transcription provider.

Word Accuracy Rate
Audio Quality Accuracy Examples
Good 90% podcasts
OK 75% meeting room recording
Crappy 50% phone calls

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FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

Why don't I just use Google?

Google has pretty good accuracy and their Speech API access has two tiers—Free and Beta. The Free one is limited to only 50 API calls per day, the audio files have to be short (tens of seconds), and only accepts flac file type—not very useful. The Beta version is limited in number of users and runs on Google Cloud Platform. Overall Google's Speech API is very restricted.

Deepgram can do any length of audio file and any file type. Got something that's hours long? No problem. Got some weirdo Microsoft WMA file? We'll take care of you.

Whatever you can do with Google you can do with Deepgram, just faster, cheaper and easier.

What's your accuracy?

Depends on how crappy your audio is, but we're competitive with the leading speech-to-text APIs (most times we're better).

Audio Quality Accuracy Examples
Good 90% podcasts
OK 75% meeting room recording
Crappy 50% phone calls

How long does it take to transcribe?

We have two tiers for transcription—super cheap and super fast.

For super fast, we'll get it back to you in 2x the audio length or less. For the super cheap plan, your transcription will be done in a couple hours.

Plan Cost Speed
Super Cheap $0.40 per hour completed in a few hours
Super Fast $0.99 per hour completed in under 2x audio length

What languages do you support?

Human English.

What types of files do you accept?

Any audio file. Seriously, we'll make it work with anything but if you upload a text file, we'll ban your API key (just kidding—or are we?). Seriously though, don't upload text.

How is it so cheap?

Lots of hamsters on lots of wheels. We're hiring a vet (email us at!

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Are you a blogger?

Test out the Deepgram API then write a tutorial blog post—we'll give you $200 in free credit. We're not bloggers, we're physicists, so we suck at this. No, really, we need your help.