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Create a Deepgram Account

Hey! With Deepgram you can easily create an account that let's you index, fuzzy search, and transcribe speech from audio and video. When you sign up you get 40 hours free to use all the features of Deepgram's API.

So, you want an account? It's really simple. Go to and you'll see this.

You see that awesome pink rectangle at the bottom? That's where you sign up and dispense an amazingly luxurious API key.

Click it and get whisked away to a sign up form.

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Drop in your name, email, pick a password, and you'll be on your way to a land of happy speech transcribers and fuzzy searching gurus.

It really is that easy. You are now the proud owner of a Deepgram account with a freshly minted 40 hours of credit sitting in there.

Now that you have all this power, what will you do with it? Well, silly, you should drop some files into the Deepgram console to start that processing!

Upload Some Files

See that upload button? You can select files (one or more) and drop 'em right in there. They will upload from your computer straight to your Deepgram account and start indexing.

Don't have any files on your computer but want to upload a YouTube video? No problem! Just drop in the YouTube URL and hit submit.

After you've uploaded some files then you can check out the "my files" section of the Deepgram console. In there you'll find your files and their status. If you have just uploaded the files then they will take a bit to index. They'll finish up and then you'll be able to search through them.

You can search through all files at once to find the best result—where did they say 'give me the potato!' again? Or, you can search in a specific video by clicking on the video and going to the viewer.

The file takes a couple minutes to index, so you'll see this next screen if you click on the file.

After indexing you can search and navigate through the results to find where the phrase was spoken. There are cute red markers on the timeline to indicate where the results are located and you can click NEXT or BACK to go between the most likely results. There's also a full transcript available below the player (just click the transcript button).

If you have content with fairly good audio quality then you'll see a readable transcript. If the audio quality isn't that great then the transcript might not be amazing, but don't fret! The transcript doesn't have to be perfect to effectively search through video and audio because Deepgram's awesome fuzzy search can still figure out where the phrases are mentioned.

Use Your API Key

Hey developers! Deepgram is based on an API and you get a free API key with your account. If you are a programmer with a wee little bit of cURL or Python skills, then all you need to do is scroll to the bottom of your dashboard page to reveal the key, then check out our Getting Started with the Deepgram API blog post to try out our RESTful API.